Understanding Distributed Marketing

Not all companies deliver goods and services directly to consumers. Most companies, including major brands, employ a distributed marketing strategy. This means they rely on a distributed network of channels to get products and services to consumers. These channels are typically distributors, dealers, retailers, resellers, agents, brokers, franchisees, branches or multi-locations.

Some industries require another layer of complexity, with internal corporate employees, field managers, field sales representatives, and regional managers who play an intermediary or partner role in brand sales and advertising, enabling sales in local markets.

Distributed marketing platforms are designed to enable consistency and accuracy

Marketing technology allows companies to effectively navigate the complexities of distributed marketing. Distributed marketing software platforms (also called Through Channel Marketing Automation platforms) are designed to enable consistency and accuracy — from the brand level through channel partners — for brand compliance, messaging, creative, fulfillment and execution.

Brand Marketing • Speed to Market • OpEx Reduction

Brand Management

Distributed Marketing platforms assist channel partners or internal employees with consistent brand management to ensure the right messaging is deployed. Having the capability to provide asset customization and distribution in one centralized location gives partners a seamless experience in selecting and sharing brand messaging.

Consistent Brand Management to ensure the right messaging
Marketing assets and brand campaigns at the right time and place

Speed to Market

Timing is everything. Getting marketing assets and brand campaigns into the market at the right time and place can drive awareness. This is why speed to market matters. Distributed marketing software can enable partners to easily access brand assets and quickly implement campaigns and promotions, to generate more traffic, leads and sales in local markets. When it comes to speed to market, distributed marketing solutions are built to create a win-win for both brands and their channel partners:

  • Easy-to-use distributed marketing software for partners
  • Fast execution on digital marketing and traditional advertising
  • Brands can make MDF and Co-Operative Marketing Funds (Co-Op) available immediately, up front, to help partners cover the cost of local marketing execution
  • Sales Reps, internal marketing teams, and corporate-owned locations can easily and effectively manage budgets

OpEx Reduction

Operational expenses in distributed marketing can quickly spiral out of control, without a solid strategy and a sound distributed marketing software solution that is designed to reduce costs. The consolidation of marketing vendors can help companies maximize their distributed marketing budgets and maintain greater control over which partners spend funds, how much they spend, and what they spend it on. It’s vital to the longevity of every business to find ways to reduce expenses without compromising the quality and effectiveness of delivering your brand message to the right consumer at the right time. This means you need the right distributed marketing software to:

  • Execute marketing campaigns from a central portal
  • Eliminate excessive fees from using multiple software vendor platforms
  • Automate funds management to get the most out of MDF, Co-Op Marketing Funds and reduce manual processes
  • Get better insight with marketing analytics dashboards that can be parsed into the data points that matter most to your brand
Reduce OpEx with a solid distributed marketing strategy
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Learn more about distributed marketing

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